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their kind words.

We are really glad and thankful that JS was our videographer on our wedding day. We engaged him three months before our actual day and it was one of our best decisions ever. His video styles are exactly what we wanted/ looking for. Despite the rush and hectic schedule on our wedding day, he delivered our SDE in a few hours’ time and the video was amazing. Thank you JS!

- Jonathan & Yuan Qing

We happened to chance upon The Promised Films from a Facebook comment section and that was probably one of the best decisions made in our wedding planning. JS was a joy to work with! He was flexible, detail oriented and prompt in providing updates. He would work around unexpected situations & ensure we were having a good time. It was these little things that made our planning easier and the AD perfect. Both the videos were amazingly taken and encapsulates our day beautifully. Thank you JS!

- Letitia & Barath

Stumbled across The Promised Films by chance when I was randomly looking for a videographer for my wedding day.

The more my husband and I looked at JS' past works on his social media platforms, the more we took a liking to the way he directed each and every one of them! They were all uniquely beautiful on their own and that's the beauty of his work!

Out of all the vendors we have worked with leading to our actual day, JS is probably the most hardworking, determined, skilled, flexible yet detailed one! In fact, we felt so comfortable with him, we never once worried about how our video will turn out or if our itinerary leading to the AD needed adjustments etc. In fact, we left it all for him to decide!

He is definitely well-experienced in his field of work and you can feel the passion and enthusiasm he has in the things he does!

We'd highly recommend him to anyone who wants a hassle-free and easy-going videographer to work with for their pre-wedding videography or AD videography!

- Patricia Soh

My wife and I were super blessed to have JS capture our valuable moments for our wedding day. When planning for our wedding, we had other shortlisted videographers as well, but JS’s videos stood out the most amongst all of them. Throughout the process, JS was friendly, approachable and sincere. Prior to our actual day, JS took the lead in making suggestions (e.g. wedding schedule) based on his working experience which was valuable. He would put 100% effort to make it work even if it sounded impossible. The same day edit was delivered on time despite our wedding schedule being different from the ones he normally had. We were thrilled to receive our wedding day video ahead of schedule (2 months after our AD) which captured the essential moments/elements but the lighting and audio used were splendid. It was heartwarming and beautiful to watch.

We have no regrets having him around and thank you JS for your hardwork! We highly recommend thepromisedfilms to anyone who is considering or wants a videographer on your actual day.

- Felix He

The Promised Films was recommended by our photographer ( We did our research on JS' previous work and we like what we see. We like the vibe that JS puts in for every of his pre-wedd and AD wedding videos, so we decided to engaged him as our AD videographer.

We loved his passion and enthusiasm since the 1st time we met him. He is one that knows his stuff, knows what he wants to bring out in the video and very importantly he hears what we want too. We liked how detailed he is and never want to miss any possible opportunity for our shoot which gave us that ease and comfort during the shoot. And we knew that he is one that we can trust on this very important day of ours.

We have received our final AD video and we have to say that we loved it and very satisfied with what we see. If you are considering to engage The Promised Films for your PWS or AD shoot, you can be rest assured to trust JS. He definitely promised to deliver.

FYI, we enjoyed working with our Photographer too.

- Poh Cher Yeo

We engaged JS, The Promised Film for our Actual Day.

JS is a very passionate & skilled videographer!

He has a lot of creative ideas to make your special day an unique and unforgettable moments. He is able to direct group shoots and captured them independently.

He went the extra mile to go for site visit for our church rehearsal to understand the flow and set possible angles, providing tips on where we should be standing and facing towards the ideal angle for his framing on the AD.

We are satisfied with his works, without second editing required. The cinematic angle, colour tone and editing techniques(slow motion movement) was used appropriately. His artwork is also highly raved by many other fellow brides/couple.

Overall, we are so glad to engaged him for our AD to capture the moments that is beautifully framed. We will definitely engaged him in a heartbeat if given a choice again.

- Christopher Tms

We were really fortunate to have JS shoot for our pre-wedding shoot and actual day video. He is extremely dedicated to his craft and have lots of ideas up his sleeves on how to best present the precious moments between us as well as encapsulate the best side of the venue/shoot location in his final product. We didn't have to worry about what to do, where to place our hands or how to move our body during the shoot because JS would give instructions and suggestions on what to do and you can really tell he takes a lot of pride in his work. For our AD video, he even went back to the hotel venue on his own weeks after our wedding was over to capture some b-roll footage as final touches to include in the final video - that dedication! He also included a video filled with footage of just my dog Cookie frolicking around on our AD in the beautiful thumbdrive sent to us and it really is all these little things that matter the most We highly recommend JS if you wish to just sit back, relax and have him take the lead to immortalize all your best moments on your special day.

- Chloe Sin Ne

Amazing experience working with JS from the Promised Films! JS is really responsible and passionate of his work, ensuring that he delivers the best cinematic and angles even if it means extra work from his end. He is willing to go over and beyond what’s asked and put in a lot of time and effort to film down every precious moment even if it means exceeding the allocated time. The video quality is amazing, we’re super happy with how it turned out! Will definitely recommend JS as your wedding / pre wed VG, it’s a decision you won’t regret!

- Qiu Rui

Super glad and absolutely grateful to have engaged JS for our AD! He is sincere, enthusiastic and you can tell he takes a lot of pride in his works. He met up with us three months before our AD to discuss the details and ensured that we were comfortable before our decision to engage him. (But honestly we already wanted to soft book him when we saw his works on his IG!) He was very detailed during the discussion and shared a lot with us. Even two months prior to the AD, he would check in on us to ensure that we are on track. He is very dedicated in his works and even took the initiative to recce the AD venue with our AD photographer prior to our big day. Basically JS really made us feel confident that he would do a great job in his work.

We are both camera-shy but JS (being so friendly and easygoing!) made it comfortable and fun for us on our AD. All in all, we were really glad that we chose JS! The video turned out great and exceeded our expectations!

Thanks JS for your hard work and enthusiasm! Highly recommended!

- Michelle Mushroom Pancake

We won a giveaway for our prewedding shoot and we're super super lucky to have JS to do a video for us! We arranged a zoom call before to get to know each other better and what to expect during the shoot. JS was really nice and fun to work with, worked well with the photographer (oheystudios) and has lots of great ideas so we don't have to worry about to do during the session. Can tell he's super dedicated and his enthusiasm rubs off so the shoot was chill and not awkward at all 100% would recommend The Promised Films!

- Sophia Low

JS has been very patient with us when we did our videography at jurong lake Gardens. He is very down to earth and easy going and that makes the whole process very comfortable. He was also very professional and knew his craft,guiding us along the way. Despite his tight schedule, JS was able to produce the video for us which we also showcase during our lunch banquet. The end result was simply amazing and we absolutely love it!!

- Elizabeth Ong

Loy & I would like to say a BIG thank you for such an amazing wedding video!

It was a last minute decision to hire JS for our actual-day and adding a pre-wedding shoot video. We were so blessed to have found you and glad that we found you to film our magical day.

The attention to detail is immense and we are both completely overwhelmed with how it well it came out. Our video was like watching a movie trailer!

Your vision, coupled with your HUGE PASSION, ENERGY and professionalism has given us a wedding video that exceeds any of our expectations!

On a separate note, I would like to thank you for your professionalism, time, patience and help throughout the wedding process. You were an absolute pleasure to deal with for our Pre-wedding photoshoot and actual day wedding!

Thank you for your great teamwork with our Photographer Sherman from Antelope Studio on our actual day. We really appreciate the hard work you put into the day and the production after; we cannot thank you enough.

To sum up, you are a true delight and I highly recommend your services to my friends and couples! The filming is of such a high standard and you captured everything perfectly, it was really emotional to watch!

Tiffany and Loy!

- Tiffany & Loy

Definitely a great experience working with JS for my pre-wedding and actual day wedding shoots. He is a very meticulous and dedicated person, making it a breeze to work with him! He ensures that we are well guided and prepping us well and in advance, especially when we do not have experience with shoots. He also takes our suggestions into place and gives his recommendations as well. Highly recommended, and hoping the best for this young man onto his path to chase his dreams!

- Tan Li Juan

Thanks JS for going the extra mile for both our pre wed and AD shoot. He was helpful, assuring, responsible and engaging from the very first day that we contacted him to enquire more about his work. He is truly passionate and enthusiastic about wedding videography, with never ending ideas and recommendations to make our videos better. The videos that he did for us were more than we had hoped for and beyond our expectations. Thanks again!

- Anna Lau

The video turned out above expectations! JS was clear on the shots he needed and passionate on delivering the highest quality of work. He is meticulous on the planning and pointed out things we missed and suggestion from his expertise. We are grateful for the help and professionalism he extended to us to make the day enjoyable for everyone.

- Jason Au

Decided to hire a videographer last minute for my wedding and its fated that we chanced upon JS. He has been nothing but graceful, helpful, reasonable and SINCERE! WE appreciate him taking on the job last minute and doing such a beautiful editing for us too. he gave us exactly what we wanted if not more. thank you once again JS. watching the beautiful video touched our hearts and we will enjoy it in years to come..

- Hayati Nuffus

My husband and I hired JS for our Pre Wedding, Solemnisation and Actual Day shoot. He’s very enthusiastic and is really passionate in his videography. His videos really proved his ability and skillsets. JS is very fun and during our pre wedding video, he’s very hyped and does so much, even getting himself down on the muddy ground just to get the perfect shot. He’s very on the ball and super detailed! Having completed my solemnisation and receiving my video, I’m glad to say that JS really exceeded my expectations. He’s video brings about so much emotions during my solemnisation and the story line through the video sparks my memories back to my solemnisation day.

Thank you JS for all the wonderful memories and enthusiasm you’ve brought to my husband and I. We look forward to having you on our actual day wedding banquet

- Natalyn Guam

more than just exceptional videography service. a story teller and intuitively captures the moments that bring you back like you were reliving that same moment again.

- Sean Conceicao 

We had our PWS video with JS on 29th Feb. Although there was slight hiccup when nearing to the date of shoot, he tried to work around his schedule to give us most of his time. With his guidance, we were able to enjoy and relax throughout the shoot. The whole experience was great and he also keep assuring us the timeline that he will deliver his work. Thank you for giving us the chance to capture beautiful memories & we really love the outcome of the video!!

- Lindsey Loh

We had a PWS video with JS and he is very hardworking and dedicated in what he does, all the way down to the details and ideas. We only met like 1 week before the shoot as it was a last min decision as it was supposed to happen concurrently with our photoshoot as well. His spirits were always high and never brought the shoot down. He was very engaging and gave clear instructions and always kept every moment in mind, as to whether it would be good for the video content.

After the shoot, he continued to keep up updated on his progress of his WIP video, and gave us snippets to have a feel of what he has done. The end product was beyond what I've expected and I would definitely recommend it for any couple!

- Janice Chia

My fiancée and I had our pre-wedding shoot with JS and is nothing short of amazing.

From the moment we confirmed the shoot, JS has already been very engaging. Arranging meet up with us, putting in the effort to find out what kind of couple we are and what we are looking for in this video.

The shoot took place a month after our meet up but whenever we have any idea or question about the shoot, he would make sure to reply whenever he’s free and address our queries.

Actual day came and he was really 120% effort into the shoot. When we were changing into our outfit, he already started filming the places around. Anywhere we walk past, he makes sure to have us stop over to shoot some footage.

JS is extremely passionate about doing video shoot and it shows, the end product is really beautiful. I would definitely recommend him if anyone is looking for a videographer.

- Sennett Shek Ming Wei

Thought we were having a pre-wedding videographer but it seems like we had a photographer with us too. Which videographer takes photos for you (and even edit them) because he thinks that they will be good memories to keep? If the photos taken are these amazing, I can't imagine how the videos will turn out!

Through our meetings, it is fair to say that the man behind @thepromisedfilms is very dedicated to his clients and his works. He is also very open, friendly and easy to work with, making us at ease throughout the entire day- a feeling that is definitely essential for pre-wedding videography!

Can't wait for our video to be out!

- Joycelyn Lim

Just one pws video and I'm already amazed by JS's skill in piecing everything altogether. Totally love our pws, videos were captured perfectly at the right angle and moment (spot that butterfly guest joining our video!). Not to say, these wouldn't be possible without an enthusiastic and passionate videographer. Best decision to engage him! Can't wait for our actual day!

- Krichelle Teo

Kenneth & I were completely blown away by every aspect of the pre-wedding videos by JS from The Promise Film!

The shots were spectacular and the entire presentation of our pre wedding day was beyond amazing!

Thank you for making our shoots so awesome and memorable. Definitely a recommended videographer! Thank you JS once again for your hard work and endless hours both behind the camera and in the edit room.

- Florence Low

JS is very enthusiastic and committed, he even went to check out our venues prior to the AD to ensure he knew exactly where to shoot from. His energy level was consistently high throughout the entire day (15 hours long!!). First Dance rehearsal video (fully edited, 3.5 mins long!) was out in less than a week and full AD video was delivered in less than 1.5 months! And both videos were very impressive, definitely no regrets having him around!

- Clarissa Thin

Did our pre wedding shoot video and it turned out great! I love it so much i've literally watched it 30 times and it's my first day receiving the video haha! Huge thanks for incorporating all our ideas and for suggesting refreshing ones when we didn't have any. Beyond the great video, the shoot itself was so much fun, it didn't feel awkward or posey cause he really lets you be yourself, yet still captures all the fun, candid and intimate moments JS himself is a really cool guy and a joy to work with, and really feels like we made a new friend! I mean he literally laid in a drain canal for us, if that isn't videographer goals than i dont know what is!

- Charis Lim

Our wedding is on 2 Feb and JS kindly helped us with our pre-wedding video even though the timeline was very short. We were less than 1 month away from the wedding when we did the pre-wedding video shoot and he rushed through the edits so that we can get it before CNY. 100% effort in his part!

During the day of the shoot he made sure all the scenes are on point and guided us along on what to do. He is open to suggestions and also threw in a lot of ideas for us to explore. He is also very patient with us and the weather.

Thank you for much for helping us to put everything together! We highly recommend JS if you want someone who is sincere in helping you to put up the best video!

- Angeline Seow

Met JS at one of my bff’s wedding last year (2019) and saw the wedding video he did for my bff. It was soooo amazing and touching that I knew I had to engaged him for my actual day because I want a wedding video to be that touching and sweet to be played on my wedding day.

Recently just did my pre-wedding video with him. My experience with him was awesome!! My fiancé wanted to use this chance to actually proposed to me and went to check with JS if he could help him out. Without hesitation, he agreed. He even took time out to meet up with my fiancé to go down to the venue and see where is a good spot for my fiancé to propose.

JS is one of the best whom I’ve worked with for my wedding preparations. He is open to suggestions and discussion and will take his client’s comments into consideration. He reply to all my msges very promptly too.

He even make the effort to wake up at 5am just for the morning shoot at jurong lake garden for us just because my fiancé and I would like to catch the morning sunrise shoot.

I can’t be any pleased and thankful for all the effort, time and hardwork JS has done for us.

- Tricia Lim

Really appreciate what JS has done for our big day! He is full of ideas and will try his best to deliver what he has promised. overall we are satisfied with the videos and will highly recommend him!

- JJ Wong

Very grateful to have engaged JS who is a very dynamic individual who never fail to go the extra mile just to get the perfect shot for my wedding video. even though The Promised Films is a fresh company but that didn't compromise their video quality. JS is very easy to work with and definitely one of the best vendor I've engaged for my big day!!!

- Janice Foo

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